A Guide to Netgear WiFi Extender N300 setup

Netgear WiFi extender n300 setup expands the distance of your main WiFi network by increasing the existing internet signal and boosting the overall wire

less signal quality over long distances. As a matter of fact, the Netgear extender setup repeats the WiFi signals from an access point (AP) or the main networking router.

Connect the Netgear N300 (EX2700) range extender to an existing WiFi network

if you want to extend the range of your existing WiFi network, then you must connect your range extender to your WiFi network.

Do this in one of the following two ways:

Connect with WPS

As a matter of fact, the WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) allows you to join a secure WiFi network without providing SSID and passcode.

  • On the side panel of your range extender, please push the WPS method.
  • After that, within 2-3 minutes, press the WPS button on your router as well.
  • Locate the new extender’s network name (SSID).
  • Connect your networking or WiFi-enabled devices to the new extender’s WiFi network. It is recommended to use the same WiFi password (passcode) you are using for your main networking router.
  • Unplug your Netgear N300 (EX2700) WiFi range extender and plug it to a new location.
  • It is advised to place your extender halfway between your dead zone area and the existing WiFi router.

Connect with web-browser setup

  • Make use of a wireless/WiFi connection manager on a computer or laptop. After that, connect to your range extender’s WiFi network called ‘Netgear_ext’. Once your connection with your device has successfully been established, the device link LED will become solid green.
  • After that, open an internet browser from the same connected device (computer or laptop).
  • Your browser will take you directly to Netgear Genie smart setup page. And in case, it doesn’t then don’t worry – simply launch a web browser and into the address bar field type the web address mywifiext.net
  • Select a WiFi network whose reach you wish to extend and click on continue after that.
  • Enter the WiFi/network password in the field of password and click on continue.
  • Now, in the SSID field, enter the SSID for your new extender WiFi network and click on continue.
  • Select the checkbox and use the same security settings as of your existing WiFi network.

Note: If this screen continuously appears, then on your computer or laptop, select the checkbox and click on continue.


  • Unplug your N300 range extender. Plug it to a new location and enjoy the extended and uninterrupted speed of the internet all over the house.

If you want to keep your range extender up and running, ensure that you keep Netgear extender firmware up-to-date with the latest version of technology.

Find the Best Location to place your device

  • In case, your internet signal is weak or poor, the first time you join the extender’s WiFi network, the Device Link LED or Router Link LED is red or amber. If this happens, again and again, adjust the position of your range extender.
  • On the other hand, if the Router Link LED is red or amber, then move your range extender closer to the WiFi router.
  • As a matter of fact, if the Device Link LED is red or amber, move the computer or laptop closer to your range extender.

Mywifiext.net login: Access the extender’s settings

After installation and setup process of your WiFi range extender, you can easily log in to your range extender via mywifiext to view or change your Netgear device’s settings.

  • Connect a laptop or computer to your extender’s WiFi network.
  • Pull up a web browser on your connected device, enter mywifiext.com or
  • Mywifiext.net setup and login page will display.
  • Enter admin for username and password for password. If you have customized the login details, then you can also make use of them to access the login page.

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