NETGEAR AC1200 Extender Setup

Netgear Extender Setup
NETGEAR AC1200 Extender increases current WiFi range and speed to a great extent. It delivers AC dual band WiFi up to 1200Mbps similar to NETGEAR EX6150. The extender’s dual-core processor provides optimum wireless performance whereas its 700mW high-power design offers ultimate range. AC1200 is compatible with every regular wireless router. It is perfect for gaming as well as HD video streaming. Once NETGEAR AC1200 Extender Setup has been installed, users can get the desired connectivity for computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.

Features of NETGEAR AC1200 Extender

AC1200 dual-band WiFi range extender makes best use of home or office network power making sure you have fullest coverage in each corner. It comes with a number of amazing features. Some of them are given below:

  • Includes powerful dual-core ARM A9 processor
  • Contains 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect up to 5 wired devices to network
  • Features beamforming+ to focus wireless signals directly to WiFi-compatible devices
  • Able to wirelessly access and share USB storage connected to USB 3.0 port
  • Consists of high-gain 5dBi antennas
  • Utilizes 802.11ac technology to create a faster dual-band WiFi access
  • Comes with 700mW high-power amplifiers
  • Supports FastLane Technology to build one solid high-speed internet connection
  • Gives the ability to print media files to any USB printer connected to extender
  • Perfect device for HD streaming and online gaming
  • Provides support for WPA/WPA2-PSK and WEP security protocols
  • Compact size

And much more.

NETGEAR Extender Setup through login is very useful website to set up NETGEAR WiFi Range Extenders. Just go to login  page and install and configure AC1200 Extender within minutes. Use the default username and password if you access login page for the first time or never changed login credentials.
But at times, login page doesn’t open owing to technical glitches. So it’s recommended to use IP address. This is also used login to install NETGEAR Extender Setup. is the IP address for existing router. Simply launch a web browser and type in the address bar. Doing so will open NETGEAR Genie Setup page. Users also face issues with It takes a while to open. In order to fix this problem with, call now at 1-844-697-8376. AC1200 Registration Process

Once login page appears, register AC1200 extender by following the steps below:

  • Click Register button and navigate to create account page.
  • The next screen will ask for necessary details like name, email etc. It will also ask to set a username and password.
  • After that, hit register button.
  • Now, enter username and password to log in to the account.

After registration, your AC1200 extender qualifies for getting warranty as mentioned on the box. So make sure to register the extender properly. Setup for AC1200

Here are the steps for NETGEAR AC1200 Extender Setup through setup:

  • Click on NETGEAR Extender Setup button to open setup page.
  • Enter username and password in the given fields.
  • Log in to AC1200 extender.
  • After login, a new page will launch which contains some technical settings for setup. To customize settings in a right manner, contact technicians at toll-free 1-844-697-8376.

Steps for NETGEAR AC1200 Extender Setup

Once done with login and setup, install and configure NETGEAR AC1200 Extender. The extender can be used in two main modes: Extender Mode and Access Point Mode.

1. Use AC1200 as a WiFi Range Extender setup

In Extender Mode, AC1200 works as a regular extender i.e. it boosts the existing signals arriving from main access point or network router. Let’s lay down the steps for you to install AC1200 in Extender Mode:

  • There is a main switch on extender which should be set to extender.
  • Turn on the AC1200 extender.
  • Connect to the network. It can be done in two ways: web browser setup and WPS setup.

Connect using web browser setup

  • On computer, launch an internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Edge and more.
  • In the address bar, type website.
  • It will take to login page.
  • Create a mywifiext account with email. Keep the password as word ‘password’.
  • Connect to the extender network.
  • Next, click Finish button.

After that, all lights present on AC1200 extender will turn solid green. If it happens, the extender is ready to use in Extender Mode.

Connect using WPS setup

In case the web browser setup method doesn’t work for you, go for WPS one. Follow the given steps and you are done:

  • Press WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) button softly on AC1200.
  • Extender starts to configure with router WiFi signals if its WPS light blinks.
  • Once the configuration between extender and router signals is completed, extender will show 3 solid green lights.
  • As AC1200 extender is dual band i.e. it support 5GHz band, so follow the point no. 2 again.
netgear extender setup

Now, NETGEAR Extender Setup done. Connect to new extended network and enjoy internet benefits in every corner.

2. Use AC1200 as an Access Point

netgear extender setup

Want to use AC1200 Extender as an access point? Here are the steps:

  • Set the switch on extender to access point.
  • Take an Ethernet cable and connect extender to router.
  • Plug in the AC1200 extender.
  • Open any web browser and go to
  • Extender will recognize the internet connection on its own and connect to it.
  • Change settings of extender as per requirements.
  • Also, set the security settings for AC1200 and click Continue.
  • At last, hit Finish button.
In case you are still facing any kind of issue after following the aforementioned steps, get in touch with our technical experts by calling on toll-free number 1-844-697-8376. They will guide you step by step no matter how long it takes.